Tom Lawry

AI in Health and Medicine. The Intelligent Health Revolution.
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The Intelligent Health Revolution is upon us. Tom Lawry takes audiences on a journey of understanding what we've learned from fighting a global pandemic and how to apply these learnings to solve healthcare's other big challenges. He empowers clinicians and consumers alike to take control of what is important to them by harnessing the power of the AI and smart technology to create a more sustainable system focusing on keeping all citizens healthy and caring for them when they are not.

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Informative and entertaining. Cover complex, contemporary topics in non-techie fashion (even your grandmother could understand what he's saying). Get's audiences to think and consider their own positions and viewpoints.

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Seattle, WA (SEA)

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Tom Lawry is a two-time best selling author who serves as National Director of AI for Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft and previously served as Director of Worldwide Health. He works with health and medical organizations in planning & implementing intelligent health solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of health services delivered around the globe. Tom focuses on helping health and medical leaders understand and leverage AI and the Intelligent Health Revolution to do good. He is sought after globally as a speaker and subject matter expert and a frequent contributor to various publications (e.g. Forbes) and other media outlets (e.g. CNET). His first book, AI in Healthcare: A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Health Systems, was a HIMSS 2020 Bestseller. His new book, Hacking Healthcare – How AI and the Intelligence Revolution will Reboot an Ailing System was just named by Amazon as #1 New Release in Healthcare Management, Medical Informatics, Biotechnology and Information Management.

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