Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Only 2% of Speakers Meet our Strict Criteria to be Included in our Database.


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Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Only 2% of Speakers Meet our Strict Criteria to be Included in our Database.

Get Listed with one of the Most Prestigious Healthcare Speaking Resources in the World

We are not a Speakers Bureau, rather we provide Speakers Scouting and other Support Services to the best Healthcare, and Life Science Brands in the World. We maintain a database of Healthcare Key Opinion Leaders, Keynote Speakers, Conference Speakers and other Healthcare and Life Science Event Resources. We then leverage our proprietary Keynoteology® Match Algorithm and deep subject matter expertise to connect the perfect expert to the right event or meeting. If you are an expert with the right pedigree to serve our amazing clients, we would love to learn more about your work.

Simply complete our Speakers Form and one of our Keynoteogists™ will be in touch to discuss your eligibility. Submit your speakers form to be considered for our database.

How we Serve our Valued Meeting Planners and Speakers

Our focus is on delivering the absolute best resource to our valued meeting planners. Correspondingly, we only work with the top experts and Speakers in Healthcare. This provides us the ability to leverage our expertise to make the best possible recommendation for our clients without conflicts of interest or compromise. We quote our clients a gross rate for the speakers we recommend. Our fees are paid by the Speaker at a standard rate of 25% of gross fees. It’s just that simple. We also provide a range of concierge services to our experts to help make their experience with us exceptional.

Submit your speakers form to be considered for inclusion in our database.

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Please keep in mind that only about 2% of the healthcare speakers qualify as Keynoteology® Speakers. This low-qualification rate is based on the fact that we are extremely careful to place exceptional speakers in front of our valued meeting planners. In simple terms, that means we only select speakers that know how to deliver a powerful and engaging talk. However, our speakers also need to be true subject matter experts, not theorists and not google researchers. Our clients are looking for speakers that “live the message,” and share their incredible passion, in a way that delivers actionable novelty to their audience.

Few housekeeping items

If you are selected as a speaker, and we place you, we charge a 25% commission on your speaking fees. If you book additional services or speaking with the client within the next three years, those events would also be commissionable at a 25% rate.

When you submit your form to us, you are granting us permission to use your bio and likeness on our website with the express purpose of promoting, your speaking services.

We DO NOT under any circumstances accept gifts, financial incentives, or any other direct or indirect compensation for you being considered as a speaker, or for booking you. We are a meeting planner customer-centric resource and our only deciding factor is placing the perfect speaker for our customer, the meeting planner. We also highly respect our speakers and we treat them as very valued customers, not as products.

Should we select you as a speaker, you will receive a comprehensive speaker’s agreement that outlines all of the details of how we position and care for our valued speakers.