Terence Mauri

The Upside of Uncertainty; Radical Curiosity; Future of Leadership
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"Terence is an influential and outspoken thinker on the future of leadership. Thinkers50"

"What a keynote speech, Terence. It was truly outstanding. The leadership team are so inspired and activated! Pfizer"

"Incredible keynote today...and I really mean that. Your energy, content and call-to-action were spot on. Gartner "

" "

Speaks On:

The Upside of Uncertainty: How do leaders harness change as a tailwind for learning, growth and bold leadership? Not taking a risk is a risk: What are the new mindsets, tools and stretch conversations to start writing your future success headlines today? Lead from the future: You can't explore a new world with an old map. How do leaders learn to Think Bold, Choose Brave and Go Beyond? Unlearn the always-done ways: How do leaders scale curiosity over conformity and growth over fear?

Delivery Style:

Terence's delivery style is provocative, insightful and bold. He has the expertise and empathy to connect directly and personally with your audience and challenge participants to activate new lightning-speed mindsets and behaviours: crush bureaucracy, act at the speed of science and be BOLD.

Travels From:
New York and Boston

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Speaker Bio:

Terence Mauri is the founder of Hack Future Lab, a global management think tank that helps leaders to be future-prepared, resilient and bold in the face of extreme uncertainty. He says: '93% of global leaders expect significant disruption over the next 12 months but only 27% of leaders have the right mindsets, vision and leadership DNA to harness the upside of risk. I will guide your leaders on the path to writing their future success headlines, today'. Terence is a visiting Professor at MIT and IE Business School where he equips leaders with the mindsets, mental maps and frameworks to lead from the future, not the past. He has first-hand experience growing $100m+ businesses in rapidly changing times as a former director at Saatchi & Saatchi, advising global pioneers such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. Terence also experienced the ultimate personal disruption when one day he nearly lost his life in a terrible car accident that forced him to adapt, renew and pivot to the future and share concrete lessons on how to turn disruption into a new path to bold. Terence is the author of two global bestsellers that ignite leaders to Think Bold, Choose Brave and Go Beyond. His research on bold leadership has featured in Inc, Forbes, HBR and Thinkers50.

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