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We help the Best Brands in the World, build a Culture of Happiness that Attracts and Keeps the Best Talent, Guaranteed.

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Get an Exceptional Return on your Work Life Training, and Consulting Investment

We have been serving some of the best brands in the world for over 40 years. In a recent “use case” we provided over a 10 Million Dollar return on our clients investment. We deliver the Best Training, Consulting, and Coaching Services Guaranteed! Let’s set up a FREE discovery call, so you can ask the tough questions.

Our Workplace Happiness Training and Consulting Programs, get results, plain and simple. In order to Attract and Keep Mission Critical Talent, you need to develop the infrastructure, training and support necessary to build a “Culture of Happiness”. Our Certified Training Programs provide significant benefits to include:

  • Attract and Keep the Best Talent
  • Lead and Manage Remote Teams
  • Drive Employee Based Innovations
  • Reduce Onboarding and Retention costs
  • Major Improvements in Social Ratings
  • Build a Culture of True Happiness
  • Significantly Increase Productivity
  • Rapidly Improve Employee Satisfaction

Based on the Bestselling Book, “Happy Work”


We Serve some of the Best Brands in the World

We have the honor of serving some of the best brands in the world for over 40 years. We provide the freshest research, and the best value, guaranteed.

Our Market Leading Research Provides Exceptional Value

Our research is comprised of multiple number one bestselling books, and deep trend research. Our programs provide the following key benefits:

  • Best in Class Live and Virtual Training Programs
  • World-class Curriculum
  • NanoPack® Instructional Design for Optimal Retention
  • Exceptional Return on Investment
  • Full Service Training, Coaching and Consulting


Fresh Research from Multiple Number one Bestselling Books