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Become a Certified Impactful Communicator® (CIC)

Master presentations skills, industry talks, digital presentations, and verbal impact through our best-in-class training program developed by one of the Top Keynote Speakers in the World. Our exciting communication training program helps Leaders, and Managers significantly improve their impact on providing better returns on mission, while building a Superstar brand of Expert Communicators. Studies prove that presentation and interpersonal communication skills drive the best careers and the best organizations. Our Live and, Live Virtual programs include:


  • Learn how to give a killer talk for your industry or teams
  • Gain the superpower of impactful interpersonal communications
  • Learn the 10 tips of the best speakers in the world
  • All training is performed by one of the number one Keynote Speakers in the World
  • Learn the five disastrous mistakes that most people make in video meetings, and how to avoid them
  • Fast track your career and your organization through confident communications
  • Gain significant impact with your teams, and customers through the power of persuasive engagement

We Serve some of the Best Brands in the World

We have the honor of serving some of the best brands in the world for over 40 years. We provide the freshest research, and the best value, guaranteed.

Our Market Leading Research Provides Exceptional Value

Our research is comprised of multiple number one bestselling books, and deep trend research. Our programs provide the following key benefits:

  • Best in class Live and Virtual Training programs
  • World-class curriculum
  • NanoPack® instructional design for optimal retention
  • Exceptional Return on Investment
  • Full Service Training, Coaching and Consulting


Fresh Research from Multiple Number one Bestselling Books