Meeting planner should train their speakers


It may sound crazy to think that a meeting planner or an event designer should be providing training to speakers for their event, but they should… And here’s why. Studies show that your audience will determine the quality of your event based primarily on the quality of your presentations. Although most healthcare and corporate meetings, and events hire professional speakers to do the opening and closing Keynote presentations, many of the presentations are delivered by nonprofessional speakers. One might assume that since they’re industry experts and not professional speakers that there would be no need for them to be properly trained in order to give an exceptional presentation. The problem is, that they are going to primarily judge the presentation quality, not the content and if the presentation is unprofessional, your event brand value and maybe your own reputation will take a ding. We recently provided a training program that we call, the Certified Impactful Communicator Program to over 20 presenters for an event in Austin, Texas. The training that we provided significantly improved the quality of the presenter’s presentations, and as a result, the event was a resounding success. We also received emails from all of the attendees of the training program, and they shared with us how valuable the training program had been for them beyond that of their presentation at the industry event. Providing training to non-professional speakers for your event is critical to ensuring quality continuity, and your presenters will love you for the training.