What Makes a Great Healthcare Futurist Speaker?


Did you know that as many as 75% of individuals have a fear of public speaking? Public speakers can make it or break it for your upcoming healthcare event. Using an employee without previous experience could make a bad impression on your event and affect your brand’s reputation.

Instead, a healthcare futurist speaker will be confident and knowledgeable on the outlined topic. But how do you get to that step? There are four primary skills a healthcare speaker will have, and we are going to review them below in our complete guide.

Are you still interested? Keep reading on and learn more about the key components of a healthcare futurist speaker. In the end, we will talk about how you can hire or train your employees to become better public speakers today!

1. Leadership Skills

An excellent healthcare speech will portray the leader as the one giving it. A healthcare speech should be about unifying and navigating the audience in the right direction for the future of healthcare. Additionally, studies show that the quality of your event is largely based on your presentation quality, making it even more important that you find ideal healthcare industry speaking individuals.

However, leadership does not entail lacking authenticity. In some cases, memorized speeches can take away from the speaker’s personality and affect all facets of the speech giving, including the call to action.

2. Audience Engagement

Engaging with your audience is critical for a healthcare futurist speaker since it helps your keynote presentations stand out and improves brand awareness. Two key characteristics are humor and relatability.

Humor bridges a gap with most individuals, lightening the mood and making even the most redundant and boring topics more enjoyable. In the healthcare industry, relatability is arguably the most critical tool a speaker should have.

Pre-pandemic reports showed physicians are twice as likely to experience burnout. Since the pandemic, these numbers have increased from 60% to 75%. High burnout rates in the medical industry can make it more challenging to engage with companies or employees who have mentally or emotionally checked out.

Finding relatable stories or experiences can re-install hope in the future of healthcare and connect with audiences. These two features allow you to promote your product or brand that supports the health industry’s future.

3. Speaking Confidently

Confidently speaking goes hand-in-hand with passion. A healthcare futurist speaker is consumed with the topic or speech details. They are also passionate and excited about the direction healthcare can head toward.

And your brand should be at the forefront of this healthcare speech. Confidence is another component of preparedness. Without adequate preparation or speaking experience, the presentation could lack the vigor and action needed to make a difference.

4. Healthcare Industry Knowledge

Long-winded and off-topic speeches are a recipe for disaster and can negatively affect the brand’s reputation. Quality healthcare speeches will be short, concise, engaging, and knowledgeable. Your audience should walk away inspired and interested in your company’s projects and ideas.

Finding high-quality speaking topics is the first point of concern. A healthcare futurist speaker will emphasize how healthcare can change for the better, including the steps to achieving the end goal. Here are some examples of trending healthcare topics:

  • Actionable strategies for chaotic innovation
  • How to leverage healthcare worker transformation
  • How to use innovative technology
  • Improving healthcare access and equity
  • Utilizing healthcare economics
  • Moving toward preventative medicine

These relevant topics require in-depth research and studies for your futurist speech. They should include objective data that sticks out to your audience. For example, if you are promoting telehealth and technology, you could pull data from pre-pandemic and post-pandemic facilities.

Telehealth visits encompassed less than one percent of care in outpatient settings for mental health and substance use disorders. Since the pandemic, it encompassed 40% of visits. Statistics such as these help audience members better understand the impact of technology and the implications for the future.

How To Find a Healthcare Futurist Speaker

There are two routes you can take for a healthcare futurist speaker. First, you can hire a professional keynote speaker. Second, you can train your employees on professional speaking strategies.

Hiring a professional healthcare futurist speaker eliminates the burden of training and in-house preparation. Additionally, using a company specialized in healthcare industry speaking gives you access to:

  • Healthcare trends
  • Virtual or live events
  • Strategic resources
  • Actionable insights
  • Advanced technology
  • Video production

You are matched with a speaker through several steps, including in-depth match algorithms and trend analysis. At Keynoteology, we only specialize in healthcare, medical, and life sciences speakers. This ensures you find someone with industry-specific knowledge.

The next option is speaker training. The benefit of presentation skill training is you gain long-lasting benefits. You can also customize other workshops and skills training to learn more about leadership skills and the qualities indicative of a great speaker.

Here at Keynoteology, we offer our Certified Impactful Communicator program. These programs include developing presentation and business communication skills. It emphasizes training for non-professional speakers and has the option for customizable workshops.

Your Next Healthcare Speaker

A healthcare futurist speaker will represent your brand and engage with the audience. They will provide valuable insight and knowledge regarding the topic. Lastly, they will have a call to action that helps scale and promote your business and ideas.

Finding a quality speaker might seem like an easy feat, but ensuring they have industry-specific knowledge is where the real challenge lies. Using non-professional speakers could be detrimental to your brand.

Instead, Keynoteology has helped many businesses like yours. Find out how we can match healthcare speakers with your brand today by contacting us for more information!