Rules of planning a healthcare meeting or event


In the old days, the focus of planning a meeting for a healthcare or life science event was really centered around logistics and project management. The planning was really transactional in nature and didn’t really have much in the way of audience experience design, innovation, or value-added resources. Today the best meeting planners are architecting events that are focused on human impact rather than logistics and operationalization. They’re doing this by having far better insights into the needs, problems, and opportunities of their attendees. Once they glean these insights, they are able to architect a thoughtful curriculum, and event design that delivers engagement, and most importantly human impact. Today meeting planners are also adding certificate and certification training in order to provide far better returns on investment for attendee’s time. When you’re developing your strategy for your event, make certain to include an audience experience design that designs exceptional experiences across the audience’s five touch points, and make certain to design value-added resources to provide extra impact and value to your attendees.