Never hire a keynote speaker you haven’t met


If you’re looking to hire a healthcare keynote speaker, you need to go beyond the speaker’s pedigree and demo video. This is important because the key to selecting the right speaker is really understanding the genesis of their message and the nature of their research. The best keynote speakers are not googling trends, they are living those trends. Scheduling a call via zoom or other video digital platform allows you to really see the facial expressions and the interactivity of the speaker and that will give you a great deal of insight as to how they will be presenting on stage. It also allows you to get a sense of how they would connect their specific background to the needs and problems of a specific audience. There are many great experts and great speakers out there, but there is only one speaker that will be representing your brand and your event reputation. Choose your speaker wisely, as the overwhelming majority of audience members judge the quality of the event based on the speakers that are presenting. The only way you can choose wisely is to really have that human interconnectivity with a speaker through a video interview to make sure you really understand who they are, what they’re about, and how their presentation would likely be received at your very important event. Keep in mind, that any speaker hesitant or unwilling to meet with you, would not likely be a speaker that would serve your meeting and brand with true professionalism.